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Provide the best employee experience is the employee management system that tracks your talent pipeline and engages employees.

For your HR team's needs, including:

Recruitment pipeline
Onboarding process
Employee wellbeing
Development and learning
Employee Management Workflow

Manage employee development. gives greater visibility into employees’ day-to-day performance to ensure their success from day one. Communicate confidentially inside the platform with managers and their direct reports.
A board for managing employee development

Attract and engage top talent.

Focus on engaging top talent creatively rather than on the grunt work that slows you down. makes it easy to stay on top of potential candidates with automatic reminders.
A board for managing a recruiting event

One central workspace for your HR teams

One central workspace for your HR teams

Recruitment pipeline

Manage and optimize your employee recruiting processes

Streamline internal planning and coordination with hiring managers. Easily track where candidates are in the process with a record of each stage.

Manage Your Recruiting Process with's Employee Management System
Onboarding process

Get new hires onboarded and up-to-speed, faster

Make onboarding new employees a smooth and enjoyable experience for every new employee. Adapt a ready-made template to your company’s onboarding process and easily make adjustments as your process evolves.

A board for managing the recruitment pipeline
Employee wellbeing

Motivate and retain employees with engaging activities

Boost overall morale with engaging activities that keep employees happy. Create a yearly plan for and gather feedback for each activity.

Improve Your Employee's Wellbeing with's Employee Management System
Leave requests

Get leave requests approved quickly and easily

Make it easy for employees to submit their vacation requests and receive a notification when their request has been approved. If a request is pending longer than expected, managers can receive reminders.

Manage Leave Requests with's Employee Management System
Performance reviews

Manage the performance review process with ease

Performance reviews are a key development opportunity for managers and their employees. Use’s employee management system to handle meetings and keep track of outcomes.

Manage Performance Reviews with's Employee Management System
Create your own

Create your own flow

Start with ready-made templates that you can shape to support your specific use cases. You can even shape your own workflows from scratch, in minutes to support your team’s needs.

Get started with our ready-to-use HR templates:

Versatile employee management system built for your processes


Gain valuable insights

Look at your data differently with multiple View options from Calendar to Map.

Turn on autopilot

Automate repetitive tasks and have more time for the work that motivates you.

See the bigger picture

Get a high-level overview at a glance and make smarter decisions, faster.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Automatically bring your data from multiple tools into and finally have all your team’s work in one place.
Logos for Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, LinkedIn, Slack, and Google Docs

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